January 25, 2016

Inside Time – my first paper as editor just gone to bed…

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The National Newspaper for People in Prison

It was a ‘phew’ moment – Colin Matthews, Inside Time’s ingenious designer, pressed the button sending February’s paper to the printers today with just five minutes to the deadline. It’s been an intense few weeks. The paper, my first as Editor in Chief has a new look – a fresh look – but will still be a familiar and welcome friend on the wings and landings of our prisons when it drops in at the beginning of each month – I hope.


We have some brilliant exclusives for February – a superb first person piece from the mother of ‘Billy’ – the 14 year old boy who was the main focus of abuse as exposed in the BBC’s Panorama revelations about Medway children’s prison – an amazing piece of journalism by our reporter and researcher Paul Sullivan.


Our commissioning editor, the best-selling author Noel Smith, secured an exclusive interview with the former World Middleweight and Super Middleweight boxing champion Steve Collins – aka the  “The Celtic Warrior”,  who remains the most successful Irish boxer in professional boxing history. Our resident Diarist and Associate Editor Rachel Billington, the author of 22 novels, has written a lovely piece about a recent event at Goldsmiths which featured professional poets reciting poems written by people in prison. And Eric McGraw, who founded the paper and edited it for 25  years before graciously handing over to me, bagged an exclusive interview with the outgoing Prisons Inspector Nick Hardwick, a terrific interview well deserving its place on the cover.


Paul Sullivan will be Tweeting about the paper with links to the web version available from 1st February.  Read and enjoy!

PS – Do you know someone in prison? Are you a friend or a family member who would like to write something for Inside Time? Or are you a member of staff who would like to contribute – a teacher, an officer, a Governor? (anonymity guaranteed if requested.) If so please email me at 

One response to “Inside Time – my first paper as editor just gone to bed…”

  1. Jho says:

    Hi Erwin,

    I was so moved by your story to the point where I did not see it is already past 2pm. I started reading the article on Daily Mail in the morning and went to an article after article of you. My name is Jho (a girl) from the Philippines and is currently working in Dubai, UAE. I just wanted to thank you for not giving up on yourself so to this day I might have been able to know about you and your life inside prison. I had an uncle who were in prison eventually died inside without seeing his family and his mother (my loving grandmother) whom is very devastated learning that his son has already passed away(this was maybe 5 years or so ago already).It was unimaginable for sure how it feels like to be locked up for you and my uncle, he was a very quite guy and I knew him cooked very well very nice guy but when he gets into drinking he gone wild,he accidentally killed his father in law thinking he is a thieve. That was a sad moment when we were informed his death. Not really knowing how it(death) happened, because he was locked up in IWAHIG Prison(exiled place they called it) and we are very far from this place, his family was not able to visit him at least maybe 10 years and then his death…Anyways..Thank you! learned so much from you! Life is beautiful and you confirmed it to me(despite so many bad things happening around the world!)

    Jho A Girl from Philippines

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