April 21, 2015

This Event Might Change the Way You Think About Life

HowTheLightGetsIn – Hay on Wye

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Thursday 21 May 2015
Price: £5.00

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Philosophy Session


Oliver Burkeman, Erwin James, Helen Lederer. Michael Crick hosts.

Venue: globe Hall

Fulfil your dreams and make the most of your life! So advocate headmasters, moralists and revolutionaries. Yet poet John Betjeman’s principal regret was that he did not have more sex. Is life not about goals and ambition but about the moment of being? Or is making our dreams real the only way to fulfilment?

Writer of the Guardian’s ‘This Column Will Change Your Life’ Oliver Burkeman, author of A Life Inside Erwin James, and Absolutely Fabulous star Helen Lederer, debate the best way to live.

Thursday Trailblazer All Evening Pass tickets also provide access to this event.

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