January 6, 2015

Wrexham Prison Watch: 1

The Ominous Plan

The Ominous Plan

A Titan sneaked in through the side door, Wrexham prison, with a projected prisoner population of over two thousand, might turn out to be the worst experiment in recent UK prison history. All the evidence from decades of academic and governmental research indicates that small prisons are the most effective in reducing reoffending. And the reasons are logical – small prisons need fewer resources, they are by definition safer and easier to control. Prisoner staff relationships are more authentic, there is a greater level of trust when people living and working in such close proximity are able to gain a better understanding of each other. On the plus side this giant prison will bring much needed employment to the region. But unless the regime is designed to focus on rehabilitative and enabling activities for the prisoners it will come at a high cost to the victims of its reoffenders.

Recently I nipped up to have a look at progress. It’s rising fast – not like a phoenix – more like a black cloud on the horizon…

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