August 14, 2013

Bad Boy Making good

Anthony Kelly "I'm a work in progress..."

I’m rooting for Anthony Kelly– the former member of Gordon Ramsay’s Bad Boys Bakery and self-confessed “work in progress” is in the process of building a drug free, crime free life and becoming the contributor to his community in the way that he always had the potential to do. Changing a whole problematic life once you get to adulthood is not easy. If it was there would be armies of rehabilitated, regurgitated, re-assimilated, reformed people coming out of our prisons every year. The vast majority of people who go to prison for whatever reason have the desire to change for the better. For so many reasons more fail than succeed – for some the problems and issues that cause their criminal dysfunction are too deep rooted to surmount – for others the lack of support post prison makes it almost impossible to stay on the right path. Anthony has the desire and the support. He has purpose and people who care a great deal about him. Fingers crossed he makes it.


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